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Bail Bonds And Bail Agents

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It can be frustrating just being in jail or having a loved one in jail. There are so many questions that can be asked, but one common question is about bail and bail bonds. What exactly is a bail bond, and how do they work? When an individual is arrested, they will have to wait in jail until they go to their bail hearing. This is when the judge decides the exact amount of the bond. The amount of bond can vary greatly. If the person booked in jail or a loved one can’t pay the bail, they will have to wait in jail until their court date. However, a bail agent can post bail. This is what you can expect during the process of hiring a bail agent, all the way up to the court date. Calling The Bail Agent It is very possible that you are going to be frantic to get your loved one out of jail. However, when you talk with a bail agent, they are going to need some very specific details about the defendant. They will need to know his or her full name, the charges, the city of the jail, and the jail’s name. If you are in the same city as the defendant, the bail agent can meet you; however if you are in a different location, the process can be handled over the phone or electronically.  Time From Posting Bail to the Court Date The bail agent is taking a risk and so must be paid for his or her time and effort. One thing that may occur is that they may require a type of collateral. This is to ensure that the defendant shows up at the court. If the defendant does not show up to the court, then the collateral is then the property of the bond agent. From the time that the defendant is released to the court date, it is important to get things figured out. This could be a great time to hire a lawyer or get other personal matters in order. This is one of the biggest benefits of being able to post bail. If in jail, the defendant will have a very hard taking care of personal matters. It is absolutely necessary that the defendant shows up to the court at the appointed time. If they do not show up, the collateral then becomes the bail agent’s.  For more information on bail bonds, contact a company like Brad’s Bail...

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The Most Common Mistakes When Bailing Out A Friend

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Anyone who has gotten a call in the middle of the night to bail out a friend knows that the process can be very confusing. Bail bonding is generally not something someone thinks about unless they absolutely need it — and when they do need it, the stakes can be very high. There are some mistakes in particular that should be avoided for the ideal outcomes. Not Contacting a 24 Hour Bail Bonds Company Right Away Don’t wait until a bail bond company opens. A 24 hour bail bond company will be available in most cities. You want to start the process early because it can take a while to go through. You will have paperwork that needs to be filled out — such as the bonding paperwork — and you’ll have to get the money to pay the bondsman first. The sooner you can contact the bondsman, the faster you can get started on the actual process. Not Having the Correct Information When you speak to your friend, you need to get their identifying information from them and the jail they are being held at. You don’t need to know about the charges or the bail amount from them — you will contact the jail to get this information, as they might not have the most accurate or timely information. You also need to know their legal name and their date of birth. Jails in many states don’t have a centralized database, so knowing which jail is involved is the most important thing. Not Offering Up the Correct Payment Bail bondsmen generally only take money orders or cash. A personal check, debit card, or credit card isn’t going to be accepted by a bondsman — so you need to know that you are likely going to have to go to a bank or money order service. You will need to plan accordingly. Not Understanding the Terms of the Arrangement When you bail an individual out, you are taking responsibility for them in terms of whether or not they appear for court. If they don’t appear for court, both them and you will become liable for the full bonded amount. Though you won’t be responsible to the courts, you will be responsible for this debt. It’s important that you understand this before filling out and signing the paperwork.  For the most part you can usually contact a bail bonds company and be walked through the process — but you still need to avoid the above issues. If all goes well, you should be able to get your friend out of jail and comfortable shortly. To learn more, visit websites...

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Using A Bail Bonds Company To Get Out Of Jail: Things To Know

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Facing possible jail time can be a frightening thing to experience as a first time offender, especially if you are not financially able to bail out of jail. A bail bonds company can come to your rescue if you end up in jail after attending your court hearing. Take a look at the tips in this article that will be helpful in the event that services from a bail bonds company become necessary after your court hearing. Predetermine Who You Will Call For Assistance Before your hearing comes up, find a few people that are willing to act as your indemnitor if you need assistance from a bail bonds company. Basically, you might need an indemnitor to co-sign the bail bonds documents as someone that can be held liable for paying off a portion of your bond fee if you skip out on court after getting bailed out. The reason you should find more than one person to act as your indemnitor is just in case the main one that you choose suddenly backs out. Your indemnitor might have to use his or her assets as collateral for the application, so make sure that you choose someone that actually has assets that can be used. Your assets can also be used as collateral. Make Showing Up in Court a Priority The worst thing that you can do after leaving jail is to purposely not show up in court. No matter how scared you are, you will only fall into deeper legal trouble by not showing up. You will end up with a court-issued warrant and bounty hunters hired by the bail bonds company looking for you. Once you are captured, it is not likely that a judge will allow you to get out of jail until your case is resolved because it will be too high of a risk. Find a Bail Bonds Company That Has Good Deals It is wise for you to do your homework on bail bonds companies before your hearing. Keep in mind that you might be able to get charged a lower fee as a first time offender. After you have compiled a list of ideal bail bonds companies, give a copy of the list to each of your possible indemnitors so they will know which company to call for the lowest fee if you go to jail. You don’t want to end up being charged a fee that is impossible to pay, as it can lead to you or your indemnitor being sued later...

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A Guide To Short Term Loans

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When you are tight on cash and absolutely need it to handle an obligation, short term loans provide a solution. As with any financial solution, there are positives and points you need to consider before signing on the dotted line. This is an excellent solution that can help you out no matter what sort of financial shortfall you are facing, so if this is the position you are in, read on and take advantage of these tips by reaching out to a financial institution that can provide you with the short term loans that you require.  Perk: There Is Less Of An Obligation If you envision taking out a loan, you probably are picturing loads of paperwork and many months or even years of having to pay it back. Short term loans provide you with far more flexibility, as you can get a loan with a quick turnaround time, sometimes as short as two weeks. This means that you get the money that you need without having to worry about being on the hook with the debt for the foreseeable future. This could be useful for someone needing some quick money for the bills or to help you take advantage of a business venture that may have a short window, making it necessary for you to strike while the iron is hot.  Perk: You Will Not Get Bogged Down With Interest Rates Another great perk of short term loans is that you won’t be hindered as much by interest. Even if you take a loan with a higher interest rate than you would like to pay, it is often lower in the long run than traditional loans, because it does not have as much time to accrue. This lets you get the money that you need on good terms.  Keys For Taking Out A Short Term Loan Before signing off on a short term loan, you will have some things to think about, so that you are putting your best foot forward. First things first, check the paperwork so you are crystal clear on both the APR and any fees that come with taking out the loan. This will let you compare between other lenders to make sure you are getting the best deal. You should also ensure that they communicate with credit bureaus, to be sure that you are able to improve your credit score in the process by paying it back.  Consider this information and reach out to a lender today. To learn more, visit a website like...

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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Payday Loans

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If you need cash in a hurry, you should weigh your options. Among the solutions to the question, “How can you get cash quick?” you may have heard people reply with, “Payday loans.” Throughout the course of this brief guide, a few commonly asked questions about payday loans will be answered. What Is A Payday Loan? A payday loan is also commonly referred to as a cash advance loan. Essentially, you will be given a small amount of money up front; the maximum amount of which you can be given by a lender depends on the lender, so it might be in your best interest to look around. This is a same day loan, so you will be receiving the amount on the day that you request the loan. You will be asked to write out a check for the amount requested plus interest, and this amount will generally be cashed by the lender two weeks later; thus the term “payday loan,” as most paydays occur once every two weeks. What Sort Of Application Process Is Involved? Generally speaking, the application process revolving around a payday loan is incredibly simple. Other types of loans will require you to fill out an ample amount of information on numerous forms while a report on your credit score is being run. This is not the case with a payday loan. There are a few things that you will have to fill out on your application, however. You must have a current bank account, with a routing number and ID that can be traced back to you, as well as proof of a current employment so that the lender knows that they will receive the amount given to them by you as a check after the grace period of two weeks. You must also be an adult and a current resident of the United States. Is There Anything Else I Should Take Into Consideration? Before taking out a payday loan, it is best to consider the answer to the question, “Why are you taking out this loan, and why do you need the cash so quickly?” If the answer to the question is pressing, such as a payment of rent, bills, or even groceries, then you should go through with taking out the loan. If the matter is non-essential, you may want to reconsider, and simply save up your money. Hopefully, this guide has served to answer a few questions you might have about taking out a payday loan. To learn more, visit a website...

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Setting Yourself Up For Success: How To Manage New Assets After A Divorce

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While many divorces throw both parties’ finances for a loop, some ex-spouses may find themselves managing new assets and responsible for financial decisions that they never were before. If this includes you, it’s important to follow these 4 guidelines to find success in your new financial picture.  Get Help Don’t be afraid to seek out, ask for and pay for help managing your new finances. And look for the right kind of help. A CPA, for example, can help you adjust your taxes and make a budget. And for long-term planning, look for a Certified Financial Planner. These experts are forward-thinkers and can help you develop an overall strategy for growing your money and setting goals in the future. Even if your new portfolio isn’t huge, this is a good time to become educated and get some guidance while you learn.  Avoid Quick Decisions Divorce is a huge life change, and so it’s often recommended that you avoid making any big decisions or other major changes for the first year or two. This includes making financial decisions. It’s okay to park your money in a safe location at first, even if it’s not earning good interest or otherwise growing. If you’re not used to making big financial decisions alone, it’s a good idea to do research, understand all your options and make future plans before deciding on investments, buying or selling assets. Avoid commitments into which you feel rushed or emotionally charged.  Understand Your Taxes One of the areas that may change significantly when a divorce is finalized is taxes. Besides the ordinary changes in things like filing status, income level and number of dependents, you may also have to report and pay taxes on investments allotted to you in the divorce and report retirement account changes. Work with a qualified CPA to understand how your taxes will change, and do it as early in the process as possible to avoid surprises.  Make a Budget You may not have been responsible for the family budget before, but now you are. So be responsible. And even if your new income picture doesn’t make it seem like you need to budget, you should try to maintain control over your spending anyway. What may seem like a huge amount of money or assets right now may not last as long or come as easily as you expected. Setting limitations and budgets for purchases will help you make good decisions with whatever you have and set you up for success in an uncertain future.  Handling a positive change in assets after your divorce can be a new frontier for many people. But by asking for help and making smart decisions, you can ensure your own future and that of your family for years to come. For more information, visit or a similar...

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Need Money? Tips For Getting The Highest Price When Selling Gold

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If you need cash and have some old gold coins or jewelry items, you could sell them to get the money you need. You could take them to a business that offers cash for gold, or you could mail them to a company that buys gold. This problem is finding a company that will offer you a fair price for your gold. This is especially hard to do if you do not know much about gold, but here are some tips that may help you understand how much your gold items are worth. The Current Value is a website that records the value of gold every day. It reflects the value in ounces, and you can see the value in many different currencies. During June, 2014, the value of gold was around $1,270 per ounce, but this does not mean that you can sell your gold for this amount. You should be able to get 90% to 95% of the value of the gold, according to Kiplinger. Companies that buy gold pay less than this because they must make a profit when they resell the gold. You should also realize that the price of gold fluctuates, and this too could affect the price you get for the gold you have. Gold Buyers vs. Pawn Shops While pawn shops love buying gold, they generally will not offer prices as high as gold buyers. This is because gold buyers understand the gold market more thoroughly. They know how to appraise items, and they know what to look for. You are likely to get more money for your gold if you sell it to a gold buyer. This could be a store that offers to buy gold, or it could be an online gold-buying business. How To Know What You Have As you look at your gold items, you may have no clue what features to look for, but the features of the gold have a direct correlation to its value. Here are some ways you can find out the type of gold you have: Get an appraisal from a jewelry store. You may have to pay to have this done, but it will help you get more for it. Weigh your gold. You can use a small kitchen scale to weigh your gold items, and this can tell you how many ounces you have. While your scale measures in standard ounces (28 grams per ounce), most gold buyers measure in Troy ounces (31.1 grams per ounce). Look for the purity – pure gold is equal to 24-karats, but most items are not pure. Real gold items generally have inscriptions on them, and this will tell you how many karats the gold is. Finally, ask about the prices offered on gold before you sell. Get a few different quotes before selling it to get the most cash for gold that you...

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